Are We Already Being Marked?

There is a silent alarm going off inside of every believer or child of God.

It is saying “Disconnect from this world!”, “Focus on preparing for My return.”

“Wake up! Don’t believe or blindly rely on the systems of this world!”

“I will come as a thief in the night.” “Do not be caught unprepared like the foolish virgins.”

“Keep watch and pray!”, “Be filled with My word and My Spirit.”

“Focus on sowing into eternal things, winning souls, and ensuring that your house is in order and your walk is separate and holy unto the LORD each day.”

“Focus on becoming spotless as the Bride I am coming back to receive.”

We experience this inner calling and we know that there is a constant silent cry in our spirit.

It is saying,

“Why am I so involved in this world and not more separate unto God?”

“Why am I so affected by the reports I hear in this world?”

“My faith is wavering, it’s so hard to hear from you LORD.”

“I’ve strayed so far! LORD, help me to spend more time in Your word.”

“LORD, I’m so busy, I hardly spend time in prayer. I started off so strong, but now I feel less like a faithful follower and more like a fraud.”

“Please restore my devotion to You LORD!”

We experience this inner call and cry from somewhere deep inside because our Spirit that is joined to Christ is longing to prepare us for the place our soul truly longs to reside.

We are being called to be separate unto our God.

We are being prepared to be marked, sealed unto our LORD.

A change is taking place and an inner storm is raging.

Our desires for this life’s pursuits are quickly fading.

Earthly pleasures, treasures and dreams no longer satisfy.

Our heart is repulsed by this world becoming more godless as time goes by.

Plans of dream houses, dream jobs, dream vacations thrill us no more.

Our desire is to be less entangled with this world and more devoted to the LORD.

We find it so refreshing to hear gospel truth still preached.

We want more and more to cut loose from busy schedules just to get more involved in the lost being reached.

We relish the thought of growing for our families and friends food that is natural, healthy and good,

instead of continuing to lazily rely on the wealthy for their mass produced yet greedily controlled processed food.

We long for simple gatherings of true believers growing and living as family and friend,

instead of once a week gathering of strangers who come to listen to preachers who don’t preach the truth lest they cause any offense.

We want to be free from busy-ness and dreams of a so-called “better life” chasing vanity that only leads to regret.

We are constantly wishing we were more disconnected from the addictive and invasive world wide web of the internet.

We are steering clear of daily media propaganda that sows intimidation, manipulation and mind control while they keep covered every secret agenda scheme and fraud.

We have chosen instead to rely on a daily dose of God’s word.

All we want is to hear and believe the Report of the LORD.

While this awakening is brewing in the hearts of the chosen few,

something else is going on in the minds and hearts of the many who live like this world has all they desire to pursue.

They think of, “my dreams”, “my plans”, “my wants”, “my need”, “my followers”, “my looks”, “my Instagram feed”

“My life”, “my goals”, “my happiness”, “my views”, “my future”, “my safety”, “I do as I please”, I live as I choose.”

Their vision is limited by earthly pursuits. They look forward to the next “good time”, the next dream fulfilled,

the next position to be attained the next title to be received.

They are not mindful of God promise, nor the price already paid for the eternally rich life for which they were rightfully made.

They trade their birthright for temporary things,

despite the fact that even the best life here is tainted by the decaying stench of this fallen world and the corrupting nature of our sins.

They still settle for the present offer, for it is all they can see,

while forfeiting the inheritance of love, joy and eternal peace under Christ’s power, protection and authority.

Blinded and deceived by self effort, worldly wisdom and earthy gain,

they slave and toil, compete and sweat for things the curse of death will rob them of in the end.

They lay up treasures where it can be stolen or destroyed.

They work for those who do not love those they have employed.

They put their trust in the systems of men.

They give their best to “Cesar” only, and deny allegiance to the God who breathed His breath of life into them.

Wherever faithful followers of Christ are persecuted and unwelcome, the distinction between genuine believer and worldly pleasure seeker can clearly be seen.

For the cost is great and the standard is high.

it may cost you your life, because to believe is to be willing to die.

The genuine believer gladly exchanges this life here for the one that is to come.

They endure temporary suffering for eternal life with our Heavenly Father and our Loving Saviour Jesus His Son.

This high cost keeps the distinction very clear between those who truly have their hope in Christ,

and those who only truly hope for what they can see, touch, taste and feel right here.

This distinction however has become blurred where we are.

Answering the question, “How did we stray this far?”

With the standard seemingly lowered, the majority who claim to believe simply heard an invitation saying “Come as you are!, He’s really desperate, just believe and receive!”

They are not to keen on suffering, only the benefits of a loving, life improving, here and now Saviour will do,

but obedience, sacrifice, and giving up sins and pleasures of this life, is only for the monk, the missionary or the fanatic to do.

So believer an unbeliever both seem to look the same,

but while one submits in humble obedience, the other thinks it sufficient just to carry the name.

A title of sorts, bestowed by some religious system or religious man, by whose seeming influence and power they are made Christian, almost by the wave of a hand.

be it a sprinkle on the head, or a full bath in a pool, this act seems to have many a so called believer quite fooled.

that with no conviction of sin, repentance and obedience to show, they claim an inheritance from this one act they performed some time ago.

Their daily life may speak volumes about where their faith and devotion truly lies,

yet one is made to believe that with nothing invested in Christ’s Kingdom, a place is reserved magically for them somewhere with the holy angels and faithful martyrs in the skies.

Such is the deception fed to us by those who religiously pretend,

but what did JESUS promise would really happen in the end?

He would separate wheat from tares, and the obedient called sheep, from the rebellious called goats,

and those who lived to please Him from those who offend.

I myself have often lived in fear of being a goat cast aside or a tare plucked up, or of being one whom the LORD would deny,

but it becomes more apparent with time that so called goats and tares and all who willfully offend, are not the least bit interested in the approval of the most high.

So if your heart still bothers your peaceful state of mind,

don’t be discouraged, as this is a good sign.

This shows that your ears are still open to hear from the LORD.

He is calling you to repent

And He wants you to be faithfully obedient to His voice and to be led by His Spirit which He has sent.

Life itself will test and expose,

what you truly live for, and what your conscience and God already knows.

That is, whether you are living for only what you can see now, taste, feel, work for and earn,

or whether you truly believe God’s promise, you are uprooting yourself from this world while laying up treasure in heaven, waiting eagerly for His imminent return.

The line is already being drawn and the faithful followers are being called to step out and stand strong.

So it will be quite apparent to which side you truly belong.

For while Jesus is saying, “Be separate! Don’t love it, but leave it! Prepare to give up all so you can be rewarded when I return.”

Mammon, this world’s satanic system is saying, “church and religion is nice, and it has its time and place,

but don’t get fanciful ideas of faith mixed up in your survival here in this ‘Rat Race’!

Follow the rules, do as you’re told,

and I will let you keep all your little treasures here in this world.

So the taking of a Mark is not a one time event,

It’s simply the culmination and final sealing of the life on earth you have chosen to spend.

You are either sealed by Christ for making the exchange of this worlds pleasures for His cross, and all that comes with standing for His Name,

Or you’re sealed and marked as a lover of this world, entangled by its pleasures treasures and ever tightening hold.

Trapped under the weight of distractions, lust, the strong deceptive pull of riches and always something more in this earth to gain,

many are being blindly led down the path of destruction, and for temporary pleasures, their priceless soul they pay in the end.

So instead of asking, “Is this the ‘Mark of the Beast’?” “Is ‘The Tribulation’ about to start?”

We should be asking, “What am I investing my time, my life my energy in? what do I truly treasure in my heart?”

“What do I fear losing? what do I cherish most? Is it my comfort and privileges in this life?

or to hear JESUS say “Well done my faithful servant! Enter into the Kingdom of the LORD of Hosts!”

“Am I deceived about having true faith?”

or do I need to cry out and and ask for a sincere heart before it is too late.

“Am I genuinely excited by the idea of God ending this world, and of Jesus’ Return?”

Or is it only for this present life that I long, and for all I’ve invested in my future here that I yearn.

May God help me be Honest, before it becomes to late


May God help me be honest before it becomes too late

to make my heart right and seal my eternal fate.

God help me to unplug, untangle and uproot,

from every distraction and selfish worldly pursuit.

God make my heart faithful to Jesus, no matter the cost

let me care for His sheep let me seek for the Lost

LORD let me face the coming trials with my heart secure, having this hope that when Jesus will appear

He will heal our weary hearts and wipe away our every tear.

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